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If you’re reading this, you must be a fan of our favorite new IG Music Series Congas and Chill hosted by our favorite Conguero Danny Conga. Like all of us, Danny’s had to adjust to the new normal of socially distanced events. As a performer who was used to playing live gigs before Covid19, the transition to working from home is how Congas and Chill was born.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6PM-8PM, he takes us on a Conga lead music journey, playing over a different genre of new and familiar songs each night! The regulars will tell you that it’s always a good time whenever Danny and his Congas come out. WEPA! (Read More Below)


Danny’s first introduction to music was through his Christian home and Christian church as a young man growing up on Bay shore in Long Island so he is no stranger to the spiritual power of music and how it can move people.


Although he has always been attracted to the native drums, he played other instruments throughout his childhood before being gifted his first set of Congas by his cousin at the age of 14. 

His passion and experience with the drums would follow him through to college where he started to learn more about himself, others and music as a social medium.


What started off as a journey into Marine Biology ended with Danny transferring to music school where he felt more comfortable and even became the best Conga player on campus!  It was during this time that Danny started to explore different genres of music but realized he enjoyed songs more with the sounds of the Congas behind the beat, hence the versatile playlists and covers for Congas and Chill!

As Danny grew into his early 20's, he realized that he needed to take his natural talent more seriously so he decided to take his first real lessons. He says, this is where he learned to have more control of his playing and build a better relationship with the drums. Being a more confident player. he joined a small group called Hijos de Sol that would travel and perform locally for crowds of different sizes. From the casual club scene, he moved on to corporate events as more people sought out the soulful sounds of the Congas.

Although playing with a band is fun, Danny attests that he feels comfortable playing in any setting, whether solo or with a group; as long as there is an organic vibe, In fact, he is so closely connected to the drums that he does not even need a crowd to play, but he humbly thanks you for showing up anyway!

Up until this epic lockdown, Danny was still performing regularly but has since transitioned to playing from the comfort of his home, via Congas and Chill. It's the best way to get your daily tropical soul music fix! Not only is the music amazing, there is usually a chatty crowd and lots of engagement from Danny throughout the session. Catch up with Danny + Congas and Chill  @DConga1122 on IG.

WHO:  Danny Conga

WHAT: Conguero


WHERE: NY/NJ via Puerto Rico

WHY: Because Congas make everything better

HOW: Music is always the answer

SOUNDS LIKE: Tropical Soul Music 


What we're listening to.  





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